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Feedback request post

The goal of this community to provide a space where members of the Merlin fandom can request and receive honest, anonymous feedback on their fanworks. Creators of all kinds are welcome - while we expect mainly authors and artists, vidders and creators of any other fanworks are equally welcome. Henceforth, "author" should be taken to refer to any individual requesting feedback in this community, including artists, vidders, knitters of dragon socks, etc.

The index post has a listing of all participating authors, in alphabetical order by username, and will be updated as often as possible.

Guidelines for authors:
1. To request feedback on any and all of your Merlin fanworks, simply comment on this post, logged in, with your username. It is recommended (though not required) that you include a link to the main repository for your fanworks, such as an art journal, a fic tag at your personal journal, your personal tag at a community, or an off-lj archive.
2. To request feedback on a particular work or works only, comment on this post, logged in, with your username and a link to the work or works for which you are requesting feedback.
3. You are of course welcome to withdraw at any time. If you no longer wish to participate, you can delete your original comment or ask the mod to freeze replies.
4. The point of this community is to solicit honest feedback, with the understanding that such feedback may not always be positive. However, bashing and personal attacks will not be tolerated. If you receive any inappropriate comments which you would like deleted or screened, please contact the mod here.
5. Post a link to your thread in your own journal if you like, but DO NOT pimp in communities without the express permission of the moderators.

Guidelines for commenters:
1. BE POLITE. This community is for constructive criticism, not bashing. For fic, DO discuss spelling and grammar, plot, and characterisation. DO NOT criticise an author for writing a pairing you don't like.
2. If an author requests feedback only on certain works, limit your discussion to those works.
3. Limit your comments to discussion of the author's Merlin-related creative output. Do not bring up personal matters or issues relating to other fandoms.
4. Spam, personal attacks, and any other violations of the rules will be deleted at the mod's discretion.
5. Pay attention to which 'reply' link you use. If you accidentally reply to the main post rather than an author's thread, repost your comment in the appropriate place and the mod will delete the duplicate.
6. IP logging is off, and anonymous commenting is encouraged, though you may also comment logged-in if you choose.

General rules:
1. Play nice!
2. Questions and suggestions go here.
3. Report violations of the rules here.
4. Index of participants is here.
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